Happy 60th Birthday Mom

Cynthia Denise Moore my mother was born today. If she was alive, she would have been 60 years young. There are no words to explain how much I miss and love my mother. I often wonder how my life would be if she was still alive.

My mother passed away November 1995, three months before I gave birth to my daughter, Jaela. My mother knew she would never see or know my daughter, and as I type this I have tears in my eyes. As I watched my daughter grow who is now 23, it has always been a constant life reminder of how many years I have been without my mother. Jaela actually looks like and act like my mom, especially when she wear two braids. One of my mom signature hairstyles.

For so long, I was mad at God for taking my mother away from me. I was confused about life, I was just 20 years old, my brother Shamont was 16. We needed our mother. I thought I knew it all but that’s when you need your parents the most. I needed my mother for her guidance, wisdom, support, and most importantly her unconditional LOVE ❤️ .

Life has not been easy, it’s been very hard. But Momma, I want you know to know I made it. I’m making it everyday. I’m far from perfect but I try each day to be better than yesterday. I have done the best I can with your only son, Shamont. Mommy he misses you and love you. We are very close, but we still fight all the time, lol and we are in our 40’s~nothing has changed. But we support each other and I know that’s the most important thing for you.

I visited the Bahamas a place my mom always wanted to visit. When I was there, I could only think about my mom. I really wished I could have taken her there but it’s ok..I know you saw me, and I could feel your presence.

Happy Birthday Mom~You are the best mother a girl or anyone could ask for. The love you gave me for 20 years took over my entire existence. I love you so much. It’s your day in heaven, I know you and Grandma are singing and dancing.

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  1. This is a great way to show your love for your mom and my sister this testament has brought tears to my eyes well done. Happy birthday big sis❤️ and miss you. 😥

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  2. The memory of a mother is unforgettable.this is an amazing way to show your love and affection to her and she is in heaven smiling and being happy with you.

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    1. This was heartfelt and one of the realist ways my big sister LaShawn has explained the relationship between us and mom. Cynthia Moore was the first woman I ever loved and stil do. I hear her with every decision I make right or wrong. I also remember feeling the belt or the switch when I made the wrong ones. A lot of what you told me I would go through mom when you were battling with you illness actually happened. Mom you was the nices person I’ve ever none. I feel like I took that characteristic from you wanting to help any and everyone when I can’t even barely help myself. I love you mom to infinity and back. I promise you I will not change and continue to help if I can. Oh and mom we call Shawn 41 savage because of her intense love she gives to keep me and your granddaughter Jaela inline. Lol. To my big sister who gets on my last nerve but I wouldn’t change her for nothing in the world and been my mom since my mom past away. I love Shawn.


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