Do You Have a Bucket List?

” Every man dies, Not every man really lives”~ William Ross

I am surprised that so many people go through life and don’t have a bucket list. Let alone some people don’t know what a bucket list is. Let me tell you a bucket list is essential to your life. It should be a requirement!

What is a bucket list? A bucket list is simply a list of things that you want to do before you die.

A bucket list, to me is simply a set of goals, dreams, or achievements that you would like to accomplish before you die. It’s the highlights of your life that you can be proud of. ♥️ Whether it’s traveling the world, finding true genuine love, doing something crazy like sky diving, meeting someone you always wanted to meet, attend the super bowl or attend a concert of your favorite celebrity. Your bucket list is all yours, as it’s your life. However, I believe it should be something attainable and something you always wanted to do but never got around to it because of time or cost.

I created a bucket list a few years ago some of the items I have completed ✅ others I have not. However, I am always modifying my list as I live and learn more about the world and what it has to offer

When creating your bucket list, always write it down verses just speaking it. There is power in seeing your own words in writing. When you are able to check off ✅ what you have done, you feel self gratification and you feel you have accomplished something in your life. Creating your bucket list is free, but trust me it will be very rewarding. In the comments,tell me one thing you would like to do.

Shawn’s Bucket List

  1. Visit all 50 States in my country, USA..I have visited about half.
  2. See Beyoncé in concert, my favorite artist -✅Completed July 2018 but want to go again-so back in my list. 🙂
  3. Swim with Dolphins-✅Completed in Bahamas last June 2018
  4. Meet my Soulmate-✅Completed January 2019
  5. I want to go to Seychelles 🇸🇨. It’s the most beautiful island in Africa.
  6. Go to Africa and do an African safari(see my favorite animal elephant and giraffe).
  7. Visit a different country every year of my life.
  8. Purchase a new home.
  9. Visit all the Smithsonian Museums
  10. Tour the White House
  11. World Peace
  12. Win the lottery Mega Million or PowerBall 😂😂

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