My Ancestry

When I say I am blessed, believe me!!! I have been fortunate to have 3 living grandmothers at once. I was always very proud of that as a child.

My Great-Great Grandma (pictured in the black and white photo) name is Mattie Saunders she had14 kids. I remember seeing and visiting her as a child when we would visit Smithfield, NC where my mom was born. She always would smile and greet all of her many grandchildren.

My Great Grandmother MaMa Lillie (pictured in above photo with glasses) was the sweetest lady you would ever know. She was tall, very slim, her hair was all gray. I always remember how soft her skin was. She would always fix me fried chicken. I don’t remember death dates, always birthdays 9/26/1914 ..If she was living today she would be a 105 years young.

My Grandmother Flora Mae (pictured in photo with arms crossed) was the prettiest, most loving, caring, and giving person I know. The best Grandmother anyone could ask for. She was a hard worker and achieved a lot. We was a lot alike we loved make up. I remember her buying me my very first designer fragrance Light Blu Dolce and Gabanna. She was the flyest of them all.

Then of course My mom…(pictured in photo hand resting on face) read the blog dedicated to her on 6/22) She was the most out going, loud, tell it to your face kind of person. She would give your her last. She had the heart of gold.

Finally, we have my Aunt Felicia (pictured with the beautiful smile) or Falisa as we call her lol..she always there and got your back. Felicia always gonna come through. She’s the best aunt anyone could ask for..I call her almost every morning before work just to talk about nothing. It’s always good to know if you call the person will pick up~that’s Felicia for you.

Then, you have me the adventurous one.

Last but not least my daughter Jaela , the millennial(last photo). Do you see the resemblance of my mom? They are Twins.

I’m just grateful for all these ladies, I am who I am because of them. I’m strong and independent. And I am forever grateful for their love and support.

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