Unsolicted Advice

“A word of advice, don’t give it.”~A.J. Volicos

How many of you dislike when someone offers unsolicited advice?

Unsolicited can be defined as not asked and or voluntarily given.

That’s one of my biggest pet peeves. Generally, when we come to a person whether it’s a friend or family member with an issue, problem, or concern you just want someone to listen. I believe only when you ask someone for advise they should give it. That’s RESPECT 101.

Don’t get me wrong, we all need people in our life who is honest and let us know if something isn’t right. Because honestly, when most people ASK for advice, they already know the answer but wish they didn’t. You are basically seeking confirmation of what you know.

I really dislike when someone volunteer their opinion and or advise. because most people are going to do what they want to do anyway. You just waisting time. Your advise shouldn’t make a person feel guilt about any life choice.

The world is filled with opinions. The world is filled with unsolicited advise. For example, we have many opinion news channels and talk shows, 🗣no one cares. We are going to think what we want. The purpose of the opinion is to make you think like them.

Another reason, I dislike opinions and unsolicited advice because if I told you my opinion, I don’t think you would like it. Let’s be clear, if I ask for advise please give it.

I believe the reason me and one of my closet friends Tomisha have remained friends for over 20 years without a major disagreement, because we don’t give unsolicited advise or opinion. While, we are complete opposites, we are alike in that aspect. We listen to each other. While it maybe something I do that she wouldn’t do and vice versa. We always give the disclaimer 🗣 “that’s on you” or “that’s your life!”

I am not saying agree with me, or feel I need yes people around. But don’t think I’m not gonna to do what I want because it’s something you wouldn’t do.

I have realized also those quick to give advise, fail to use their own.

Just because I don’t do what you do, don’t make me feel guilty for doing me. What works for me, may definitely not work for you. That doesn’t make my life bad or your life good. It makes it my life!

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