Sometimes it’s You

Realizing YOUR OWN toxic behavior is important. Sometimes its not them, it’s YOU!

I have come to realize that sometimes people just don’t want to take ownership or admit they are wrong in life. Admitting you are wrong is not as bad as you think. I’ve learned that as I have grown. Taking ownership of and admitting faults assist with growth and wisdom.

It’s imperative that you be honest with yourself and realize, it’s not everybody else. Sometimes it is YOU. And it’s ok, if it’s you because it’s a part of life and personal growth. We are all imperfect people.

Just this weekend, Uchenna and I got into a disagreement. I was so mad with him, and I told him he gets on my nerves. He told me, “Shawn, you don’t think you get on people nerves ?” I said “No” and I said it proudly, and he said well you do. Lol, which is not like him to say something like that. He’s very calm and always mindful of his words.

I was taken back because he said that. He don’t like to go to bed mad, but I can. He can say I love you, when he’s upset but I can’t. I have to wait 2 or 3 days until I cool off. (I’m a work in progress) Thats me getting on his nerves but it’s my norm and he says I shouldn’t be that way. I’m like you know I love you, I just can’t say it when I’m mad (my norm).

My norm (your norm) doesn’t make it right.

I was in denial about somethings. And being in denial is never good. The denial of not being right and trying to prove a point. So many people live in denial. When you don’t recognize or see your own faults that will stunt your personal growth.

Personal growth is needed so that you can be grow and learn in this beautiful life. Uchenna, it was me, thank you for loving me, and making me a better woman.

XoXo 💋


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