Traveling Solo

“Traveling alone is just something you have to do at least once, it’s such a good thing for your self esteem and confidence. You will be a whole new person”~Unknown

Have you ever traveled alone on vacation? I did one time and I must say I was scared with the initial thought. When I purchased my trip , I was like “oh my” what have I done. I felt weird.

It was the fear of the unknown because I never traveled alone before. I didn’t know what to expect. However, I must say it was a very interesting and liberating experience.

My first vacation alone was to Las Vegas, June 2016. I choose that location because I have went there so many times before, so I knew the area.

I got the idea from my friend Tomisha, who went on a solo vacation to San Juan, Puerto Rico. I wasn’t that bold to try, but I did take a solo vacation to some place familiar. I stayed in Vegas for about 3 days.

I treated myself to the best accommodations. I stayed at the SLS. I had the best foods and I did everything I wanted to. I gambled, I stayed at the pool, I walked to the famous Welcome Las Vegas Sign, I would never do that again (Uber Please). I went to downtown Vegas, I took a pic with the million dollars. I wanted to go to the Grand Canyon, but it was so hot. It was 110 degrees. So I passed. I also rode the tram, as many times I have been to Vegas it was my first time riding the tram.

What I enjoyed most about traveling solo, I felt free, there was no one to wait for, I did everything I wanted to do. I fell completely in love with myself, because I did something I never thought I could do. I was proud that I finally did such thing. It was very rewarding.

My self esteem went up on notch, I could tell the world I traveled alone. While it wasn’t on my bucket list, it was a life experience I could check off.

The only thing I didn’t like about traveling alone was I didn’t have anyone to take my pictures. However, that changed because I didn’t mind asking people to take my picture.

It also felt a little awkward, because in Vegas everyone was either a family or a couple. So I felt like people were looking at me. I had no problem breaking ice, lol.

Would I travel alone again, No. But I would highly recommend it as a life experience or bucket list item.

Traveling alone means getting to know the real you. And that’s all I wanted to do. So mission accomplished.

Have you ever traveled alone, if so where? Or do you plan to travel alone. Comment below.

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