Daycations are Necessary

For me, daycations are another life requirement. Keep in mind everything doesn’t have to be grand or cost a fortune to provide you peace. Whenever , I want to get away from the daily life chaos, I always go to the beach as soon as whether permits.

But guess what, I CANT SWIM.(SMH) the reason I can’t swim is another post, lol. But anyway, the beach is just so calming and peaceful to me. There’s just something about the water.

Yorktown Beach

I love the beach, I’m a true beach bum. The beach is so relaxing and it takes you away from what’s going on in the world. No one brings drama or sand to the beach. There are simply no cares at the beach at that’s why I love it.

Colonial Beach

Life is like the ocean. It can be calm or still. It can be a high tide or low tide. It can be rough or rigid, but in the end life is beautiful.

Yorktown Beach

“Simple but true. Life is just better at the beach. Everything is better at the beach! With no where to go or no where to be, a day at the beach is just what you need.”-Unknown

Buckroe Beach

How often do you take a daycation? If so where do you go?

13 thoughts on “Daycations are Necessary

  1. Lady you look gorgeous. I take staycations often, I mostly walk, eat and SHOO, if the money is right. I’m doing fun in the sun LINKUP this Friday and every Friday in July, stop by and LINKUP, it’s a party online. Lol!!

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  2. I need a daycation badly😂! I love going to the beaches too even though I can’t swim too😂 I’ve tried to learn but I don’t seem to get it. I just talked to my husband today about going to the beach for a day with the kids😍 beautiful post

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