Letter to my 17 year old self

“I don’t have to worry about Shawn, she’s going to be ok.” ~My Mother

17 years old~ Armstrong High School 1992

Hey Girl,

What’s up with you? You are only 17 years old, why are you always stressing and worrying about everything. You tripping! You should be having fun. You’re a kid. You have the whole world ahead of you. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be ok. I promise. Take your time Sis.

Your Mom is dying but you are going to make it, she has told you that. I know you can’t live without her, but you are going to make her proud. You are going to always look after her only son, your brother because she knew he was hard headed. Trust her she is watching over you.Remember, you don’t have to rush love. You have been in a relationship for the last 4 years and your only 17. He constantly cheats on you. What are you thinking? Your to young for this relationship. Leave, ASAP!

That relationship is not gonna last, you are going to out grow him. You are waisting time. You know time is currency, spend it wisely. Focus on your college education. You need to focus on a stable career. You don’t want to struggle to make ends meet.

Your going to be a mother one day. Remember that!! I know you want a boy, because you will have your own little man. But, you are going to give birth to an African Queen. You want to offer your child things your mom couldn’t offer you. So finish college.

You don’t have to settle Shawn because it’s gonna become a pattern for you in the future. Love yourself. Learn to know your worth than add tax.

Just because your dad has not been a part of your life, doesn’t mean a man will replace him. I know women who never had their fathers in their life, often looked for replacements. You will never have that. You got to accept it your father has never loved you.

Your a beautiful girl, why do you think your not beautiful. Is it the gap you have in your teeth. Or is it your funny voice. That’s what make you different and beautiful, embrace it baby girl.

Oh, girl, those friends you grew up with. Remember everyone is not going where you are going, and will not have your same vision. Some will be left behind. Be grateful, “because everyone that’s with you is not for you. “

Remember, Byrd Park Sunday’s, you and your friends would go to watch guys. You are super clumsy, but you tripped in front of so many guys, you was embarrassed. And your friend you thought who was a friend laughed along with everyone else verses helping you. You were going through so much at the time. It’s ok, she was never a friend and it showed through many years.

Girl, you will meet so many other friends who will bring so much joy in your life. Who will always support you and have your back.

Trust the process Shawn.

The world is huge, don’t get stuck in Virginia. Doing the same thing. On repeat. It’s going to get old.

I know you will travel. Have you ever thought you would move to another state? Have you ever thought to live in another country? I think you are going to move to Africa one day, I can feel it.

XoXo 💋


P. S. I think you are going to grow into a beautiful woman who want to inspire and encourage other people. Maybe a future Iyanla Vanzant, or you might just have your own blog thelyfeofshawn.

…..27 years later

If you could write a letter to yourself what would you say?

7 thoughts on “Letter to my 17 year old self

  1. Oh Shawn, I love this! Mothers always give the best advice but we rarely listen and then we say why are you always right, why didn’t I listen to you? I would tell my 17 year old self to listen to my Mother more but continue to follow my heart! This letter was beautiful ❤❤

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