The Secret

“This movie changed my life!”~Shawn

Someone, told me to watch this movie a few years ago. But I didn’t, I watched like the first few minutes and I was just not interested. Nor was I in a good space to receive the abundance of information and knowledge to live a happy life.

Fast forward to 2018, somehow I got wind of it again. I was ready, I was in a different space. I have watched this encouraging movie now 3 times. Whenever you need clarity and understanding , I suggest you watch this movie.

When they say it’s life changing, it is. You will get a new perspective on your life and how you should think about things. Philosophers, Scientists, and authors propose the secret you need to attract the things you want in life. However, you have got to be willing to receive and be open.

There was a panel on Oprah show some years ago, I believe in 2006 when it first came out.

Mind you, it is has been 13 years ago since the release of this movie/ book. So that goes to show you just how powerful this body of work is.

Below are just some of my points I got from the movie:

  1. Temporary sadness is normal.
  2. The moment is now there is no future.
  3. All of our limitations are self imposed.
  4. Know the power of your mind.
  5. Release resentments as it make you sick.
  6. Your beliefs affects you.
  7. We are all doing the best we can do.
  8. Relationships are two way streets-Each person should give 100% not 50/50.
  9. Be the person you are looking for in the relationship.
  10. Criticism comes to everyone -we should be solid in ourselves when it come.
  11. Know what you want!
  12. Get rid of limitations in your mind.
  13. You are always wealthy in comparison to someone else.
  14. The law attraction- attract what you want.

Above are just my notes. The movie is so much deeper. However, the philosophy is the law of attraction.

Have you watched this movie? If so what are you thoughts what did you learn. It’s On Netflix !

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