How do you identify African- American or Black?

“The more you know of your history the more liberated you are.”~Maya Angelou

I honestly believe anyone who identify as just black lacks knowledge. Black is your beautiful melanin skin. Before anyone make such a statement, you have to know the difference between race, ethnicity, nationality, and heritage.

  • Race relates more to your appearance the color of your skin.
  • Ethnicity is based upon a group, common heritage, common language, and cultural similarities.
  • Nationality relates to where you are born.
  • Heritage relates to ancestry and what your relatives identified with.

Race is what has divided America. It is not because you are American. It’s the color of your skin. Remember 51 years ago, the civil rights movement ended. During that period, so many African Americans marched, protested, and died to end racial discrimination. So that we would have equal rights.

I proudly identify as an African American because my race and ethnicity is black. My nationality is American, and my heritage is that of descendants of slavery who migrated to America.

Just to say your black means your are denying your heritage of the many who came before you, those who died so that we can have the freedom, opportunities, and liberties in America.

Slavery was not a choice, even though Kanye West thinks so. It’s very important to do your research when making bold statements about who you are.

For example, I read an article about President Obama and Michelle in regards to this issue. They identified President Obama as African American because his father was Kenyan, but called Michelle black because her parents were not African.

Keep in mind, many african American children don’t know their father, but you still know that you have one. That’s the same with identifying that you are African American. You are African, you just don’t know where you come from (heritage).

Now they have all kinds of resources to help you identify your roots, such as ancestry dna for 99.99. I have never taken one, but I will one day. I’m honestly not sure the accuracy, but some people say it is pretty accurate.

Uchenna and I joke all the time,that I’m from Tanzania, just because I like the country. Then he says no I think you are South African, Because he thinks I look South African.

Either way, I am African American.

How do you identify yourself as African American or black? Have you taken ancestry dna?

XoXo 💋


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