Travel Thursday’s~Cuba

It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.

Asian Proverb

One of my most memorable vacations was Havana, Cuba. Me and one of my closest friend Tomisha (you know her from Travel Solo, previous blog) went on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and that was on of our destinations.

Cuba is a country that’s only 300 miles from Miami, Florida, however the relationship with the US has been very strained since the Cold War and Bay of Pigs in 1961. Only until President Obama lifted travel restrictions in the US, we were welcomed into Cuba to visit. Now Trump has taken that privilege back, so I was very grateful to get the experience once.

We purchased a bus tour that was offered by the cruise line. The cruise line handled our visa process, we only had to pay $75.00. Once we ported and got through customs, we got our Cuban stamp.

The tour and the people of the country were amazing. There was definitely beauty in destruction. I was amazed at how they survived with no assistance from America. Nothing there was Americanized. It felt really different because most countries want to emulate the US, but not Cuba. So I was very impressed.

Cuba is such a little country, that has proved to the world they can survive without the US, so it was very interesting. The tour guide gave us a lot of history about Cuba.

Our first stop was the Christ of Havana which is a sculpture of Jesus that over looks Havana.

We visited Plaza de la Revolution ( Revolutionary Square) which is focal point for the Cuban government. Many political rallies and events that you see on television for the Cuban people are held here.

Cuba is also known for their beautiful old American Cars~Picture Worthy of course.

Havana’s Main Hospital.

Our next stop , which was Fusterlandia is very rich in history. Jose Fuster is the artist and curator who changed his neighborhood into a mosaic masterpiece with some of the art pieces below.

We got to do a little Cuban drink taste testing. Believe it or not, we didn’t get to experience the food, because of time constraints and other concerns. I purchased a few gifts and rum as a reminder of the beautiful country.

I didn’t like the fact that the American dollar was only worth cents, but I understood it was due to the strained relationship between the countries. I didn’t spend all my pesos, so I still have some for my next trip . Yay!

Mexican Peso

Other than the currency exchange rate, I would highly recommend anyone to travel to Cuba, if you can. Just to support the country. The people of the country were very friendly, warm, and accommodating. To see the living conditions and the quality of life would definitely make you appreciate America more.Very humbling experience.

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