Life Regrets

“Life is a choice, some we regret!”-Me

One of the most cliche sayings is “I have no regrets in life”. When someone says this, I automatically think the person is not being honest. You’re living a lie. Everyone has a regret.

Definition of Regret (verb) : (1)feel sad, repentant, or disappointed over (something that has happened or been done, especially a loss or missed opportunity). (2) to mourn the loss or death of (3) to miss very much

I know it’s ideal to present to the world your strong, your perfect, and everything is fine. You have the best life ever. However, anyone with common sense knows that life comes with many challenges and regrets. No one is REGRET exempt.

I will be the first to admit that I have had many regrets in life. The regrets below are not in any specific order as they all equally have had the same weight and affect on me.

  • I regret getting married when I was young. It was a horrible 5 year situation. I regret wasting my time. Thankful for the divorce!
  • I regret only having one child. As an older mature adult, I realize that was selfish of me, because everyone need someone. My kid says being an only child can be stressful, lonely, and can be lots of pressure when the parents don’t get along.
  • I regret not having a decent relationship with my daughters father. I prayed that my kid would have a father. I never prayed for the relationship. So I must admit be specific in prayer.
  • I regret wasting time on people who was not worthy of my time.
  • I regret investing in people, who I believed in but didn’t believe in their self.
  • I regret being an enabler and allowing people to take advantage of me.
  • I regret saying things out of anger that may have offended someone, because you can never get words back.
  • I regret jumping from situation to situation without allowing myself to heel.
  • One time in life, I cared what others thought. I regret that so much.
  • I regret not investing properly and saving for my future.
  • I regret not listening to my mother and grandmother at times.

And there’s more, but I want pain you. I want you to get through the blog.

People associate regret with sorrow and shame, it shouldn’t be so. Life happens to us all. It’s ok to have regrets, don’t feel bad because you do.

How to deal with regret?

Realize and identify it was a regret. We on my blog always live in truth and transparency. We accept the regret of what happened. We don’t dwell in the regret. We learn from all of our mistakes and we move one.

Lastly , celebrate the regrets because you will succeed. It’s the same in any sport. the only person who ever makes a mistake is the one involved in the play. So don’t ever regret failing – at least you were giving it a try!

Remember the message below from the great Michael Jordan~just a reminder to keep going and it will work out. You will succeed.

XoXo 💋


P. S. What are your thoughts on regrets? Do you have any?

3 thoughts on “Life Regrets

  1. I don’t think there’s anyone on planet earth that has no regrets. I have many and I’ve dealt with them. Many times I wish I could turn back the hands of time. But life continues and everyday i thrive to be a better person and learn from my mistakes. Thanks for sharing, I love topics like this

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