Let’s Fall In Love

How many of you can honestly say that you don’t love yourself or you didn’t love yourself at one time?

I will be the first to admit that I didn’t love myself the way I should have. I was in a bad relationship with my own self at one point in my life. That relationship caused me unnecessary strife.

When we go through things in life it affects your judgment, decision making, and self esteem.

But the good thing is we can fall in love with ourselves all over again. Trust me that’s a life game changer.

Once you remember who you are, you change the game and you become empowered and stronger. Keep in mind, as long as you don’t love yourself, you allow people to treat you any kind of way. Stop it right now, and let’s fall in love.

Loving yourself isn’t vanity it’s sanity.

Don’t get me wrong we all want to look good. But the point is people associate self love and self esteem with looks, self love and self esteem has nothing to do with how you look but your decision making and life choices.

How to fall in love with yourself?

  • Always be honest with yourself. Not being honest to the person who should love you most, which is yourself is detrimental to your life.
  • Respect yourself. Know you deserve the best life have to offer.
  • Know your strengths and your weaknesses.
  • Know what you like and what you don’t like. Both are equally important so you don’t settle. One of my friends Charlene use to tell me all the time, “you don’t like nothing.” That’s because I know what I like.
  • Know yourself and your capabilities.
  • Learn how to be alone and be comfortable doing things alone. When your alone , you truly appreciate yourself because that’s all you have.
  • Compliment yourself ~remind yourself how beautiful you are.
  • Keep a journal. Written words are powerful. It’s your own time capsule.
  • Treat yourself routinely.

Fall in love with becoming the best version of yourself. Have patience with yourself. Have compassion with yourself. Have understanding with yourself. But most importantly respect your own journey.

P.S. Do you remember when you fell in love with yourself? Do you have suggestions for others, comment below.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Fall In Love

  1. Great post. So many of us, women, believe we should put others before ourselves; not true. In order to take care of our love ones we most love and treasure ourselves first. I’ll match your confession, I wasn’t always in this mindset either and it took me some time to get here YET I made it…. thanks again for submitting such a beautiful picture, I think I’m going to the beach for some pictures too!! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I thank God we both made it, it’s a process. We all go through things. No one comes out of the womb. I really enjoy your online party 🎉 . Thank you so much for always showing support. I truly appreciate it.


  2. Growing up I didn’t have the best but I had the best Mom. She was all about self love and confidence. We didn’t have much but she always told us how special and beautiful we were and it stuck with me. So, I’ve always loved myself! I have went through periods when I didn’t love myself enough and it was always after a failed relationship. I’m getting better at that. And learning to be alone is very important. Great post Shawn 🦋😊🌞

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Lane. Your Mom is a very special lady, I can tell. She gave you what money couldn’t buy and that is what most important, a great foundation to life. I completely understand not loving your self enough, we all been there. Everything takes time. 🙂


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