Learning to Forgive

“The weak can never forgive”~Unknown

I always like to start of my blog with a quote, because it set the tone for my entire blog. When I found the quote above it hit me so deep, because I have a hard time forgiving. It’s not that I don’t forgive, it just take time for me to process the situation.


I had to ask myself am I weak? Let me tell you, I’m the most strongest and most independent person around. However, I struggle with forgiveness, it’s definitely not my strong suit because I give 100% so when I feel wronged it’s hard for me to forgive. I can forget you, but I can’t forgive you.

So it’s like there is a whole lot of forgotten people in the world I have not forgiven.

Forgiveness is a process. Forgiveness is healing. For me, it’s a self improvement process that I am working on. Uchenna has helped me tremendously in that area of my life. He practices advance forgiveness, because he knows no one is perfect but God. I truly thank God and forever grateful for him.

So, how do we forgive.

  • Step away from the situation.
  • Internalize it and accept what happened.
  • Make the decision to forgive.
  • Talk about it and express what the person has done to hurt you.
  • Remember everyone feelings are valid.
  • Practice empathy and understanding of the persons behavior who hurt you.
  • Finally, just let it go.FORGIVE.

What forgiveness is not.

  • Forgiveness is not reconciliation. I can forgive you and not reconcile.
  • Forgiveness is not forgetting that you hurt me.
  • Forgiveness is not ignoring the issue.
  • Forgiveness is not allowing you to be a repeat offender.
  • Forgiveness is not compulsory,it’s a choice.

P.S. Do you struggle with forgiveness? How do you forgive?

6 thoughts on “Learning to Forgive

  1. Forgiveness could be extremely difficult especially when you were hurt by a love one but it is never impossible.
    Forgiveness is divine as it brings peace to your soul and inner being,also free you from the life of grudges and emotional bondage.
    Started on early stage of my life I try as much as possible within my reach not to go bed with anger in my heart.I always love to start a new day with a peaceful mindset.This is not just for the person who hurt me but also the love I have for my self(self love)
    Forgiving other person is a great way to live right before God and mankind,it shows you deserve to be happy.
    Let us make forgiveness our lifestyle

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  2. Yes to this whole post! I love how you wrote all the things forgiveness is not. Forgiveness is necessary in order to free ourselves from pain however it doesn’t mean being passive & ignoring the issue at hand. Amazing piece ❤

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