Get to know The Blogger -My Favorites & Fun Facts

“People who truly know me, understand what I am about, not what they hear.” Shawn

Happy Monday!!

I wanted to do a get to know me because I just jumped in the blogging world head first. I had no idea what I was doing. I am still learning and finding my flow.

While, I have always been writer, and I have a head full of thoughts. I just started this new journey of blogging. I have met many bloggers, so far who I admire and I truly appreciate the encouragement and support.

So here’s my favorite things and some fun interesting facts about me.

  • I am a Virgo ♍️ born 8/26-true to the zodiac sign. I am very loving, loyal, and hardworking. However, I am a perfectionist which causes me to over think, I am very analytical and very critical, and I can be a fuss box.
  • My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I just appreciate being around friends and family, while enjoying a massive feast of soul food. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. I love it.
  • My favorite TV 📺 show is Survivor. It has been on for 19 years, premiering in 2000. I believe I have watched all 38 seasons. I would love to be on the show but I can’t swim. (Real Tears)
  • My favorite Vacation Spot is ~Las Vegas. I just love the atmosphere. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
  • My favorite color of course is any shade of PINK.
  • My favorite album of all time is Big Bub Timeless.
  • My favorite song is Zoom by Big Bub originally by Lionel Richie. I love the song because sometimes you just want to fly away.
  • I love all animals. My favorite is the elephant.
  • My favorite snack is cookies 🍪. I love cookies so much. I think I’m the Cookie Monster.
  • My favorite ice cream is by Baskin Robin Nutty Coconut ~I be in heaven after eating this.
  • Of course I love coffee, I drink it like water.
  • My favorite artist is Beyoncé, I just love her. She’s a Virgo like me, my zodiac sister twin. I think she represents the black woman well.
  • My guilty pleasure~I love listening to gangster rap and trap music. Old school DMX, Tupac, NWA, And the list goes on.

My dream job would be to be a defense attorney.

If I could go anywhere in the world it would be to Seychelles in Africa. (My dream honey moon)

I want to learn another language. The Igbo language but it’s very hard. I only know two words MBA and Biko.

If I could win the lottery, the first order of business would be to pay my student loan debt off.

The last and most important fun fact:

I write my blog at night, in my bed, so if you see any spelling errors. I was sleepy 😴 I correct them the next day.

If you have any questions, I would love them. Also any words of encouragement or advise from my fellow bloggers I’m always open to learn.

13 thoughts on “Get to know The Blogger -My Favorites & Fun Facts

  1. A journey of one thousand miles starts with a step,I can say you start off well.
    I appreciate your effort,courage and determination to set off on this long journey.I also appreciate other bloggers who are doing same great job cos it’s not easy for someone to make sentence for the whole world to benefit from.
    Always remember that consistency brings perfection so quitting should be your last option rather think of improvement.
    Despite how rough the road may seems like,there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel.
    Kudos My Lolo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I laughed at the last sentence 😀 I can’t write at night. It so nice to discover these interesting things about you. You are such a beautiful soul. I will be nominating you for the sunshine blogger award in my next post. You can participate if you wish to. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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