Travel Thursday- Las Vegas

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can go to Vegas and that’s kind of the same thing” -Hard Rock Hotel and Casino”

What can I say Las Vegas is my favorite vacation spot!!  I have been there multiple times and each time I go; I fall more in love with it. You are all over the world in one place. You can find yourself in Paris which is one of my favorites and one of the most romantic hotels in Vegas, there is a mini Eiffel tower. Which I was fortunate to have dinner there overlooking Vegas with two of my friends.

You can find yourself in Venice, Italy at the Venetian or in Bellagio, Italy at the Bellagio Hotel. The beautiful dancing waterfalls are highlights of the strip.

Bellagio Hotel and Casino

How about visiting Rome, you can be there at Caesars Palace. It’s so beautiful. Not to mention of my favorite movies the Hangover was filmed in Vegas with a classic scene at Caesar’s Palace.

You can also find yourself in Africa in the country of Egypt at the Luxor hotel.

The Luxor Hotel

You can be in New York City one of America’s most popular cities at the New York New York hotel..

New York New York

You can go back to medieval times at the Excalibur. The castles were amazing. I felt like a princess. Vegas is beautiful and the architecture is one of a kind. I love all the small details, as a Virgo you know I am very analytical so the small details always blow me away.  Each time you visit there it’s always something new to explore.

Ceilings at Caesar’s Palace

The very last time, I visited Vegas was in 2017 on my travel solo trip. So, you know I am well overdue for my trip to the west coast. I stayed at the SLS, which is a newer hotel. The SLS replaced the old Sahara which I absolutely loved. I loved the Saharan theme.

The SLS is modern and contemporary. It is located at the end of the strip, not an ideal location if you want to be in the middle of all the action. But for my travel solo experience I enjoyed it because I wanted to relax. One of the highlights of the hotel, is its hidden sex shop. It’s so hidden I didn’t even know it was there.

I have stayed at Harrah’s, The Flamingo (my daughter loved it so much) the theme was pink flamingos, Bally’s, and Excalibur. All of which are amazing. I would like to mention all the hotels smell so good. It’s a smell you can never forget.

Flamingo Hotel Accommodations

My daughters Christmas Vacation

Vegas has a variety of food and buffets. The buffets are massive and abundant with a variety of options. My only complaint is I don’t like the drinking water.

My daughter and I went on a BIG BUS tour and found out they have an underground water system, because it never rains. That explained the water taste. And another fun fact, we found out on the tour of Las Vegas, the actual the name is Paradise, Nevada. How appropriate, as each time you go to Vegas you are actually in Paradise.

There is also downtown Las Vegas. It’s the home of the Golden Nugget, Freemont Hotel and Casino, and Binnons Gambling Hall where you take your free picture with a million dollars I highly recommend downtown Vegas as it’s much cheaper than the strip. You can take the bus or uber down. Its always a big nightly party, the food and gaming are much cheaper than the main strip.

Vegas is whatever you make it. You can relax or you can party. You can gamble, who doesn’t love the slot machines or a game of blackjack. You can take a day trip to the Grand Canyon or California. Something I would like to do on my next visit.

When I visit Vegas it’s really the only time,I take advantage of drinking alcohol.  I’m not a drinker at all. This is my “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas moment.” Keep in mind while you are gambling you can drink as much as you like for FREE,as long as you are gambling. With Vegas you must have a daily budget, the dollar bill goes very fast. You can end up like me with a small cash out voucher.

And I would never go in the summer, there is no heat like Vegas heat. You feel like you are in the oven baking at 400 degrees.

So, my suggestion is to go between October through January. Bring a very comfortable pair of walking shoes. Have a daily budget that you stick to. Have drinks. Have great food. Take lots of pictures. Repeat Every Year!!




Have you been to Vegas?

What do you like most about Vegas?

When is your next vacation? Let’s chat

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