10 Ways to Enjoy The Little Things

It’s always the little things that matter.

Often, we take the little things in life for granted. Society makes you believe that everything in life has to be grand to make you happy or to make you feel valued. No matter what you have, flesh is never satisfied.

It’s important to learn to appreciate what you have and be grateful.

We want a bigger house. We want the flashiest car. We want more money. We want our vacation to be better than the last. We live for the big moment. When in actuality none of that matters.

What matters the most in life is the little things. Keep in mind, You don’t have to do something enormous in order to change your life or affect someone else’s life.

Below are some of the little things that can change your life and others:

  1. Smile More- When you smile you are approachable.
  2. Compliment Someone Genuinely-It boost confidence!
  3. Call a friend– Sometimes we are so busy in our day to day lives that we don’t make time.
  4. Help Someone– I was getting some dinner one day and I left my debit card in another purse, a lady behind me paid for my dinner. I was truly grateful.
  5. Gratitude– Simply just saying “Thank You” means a lot.
  6. Small Acts of Kindness- If you have a grocery cart full of groceries, simply allow the person who has 5 items go before you.
  7. Give a Hug-That’s a universal form of endearment.
  8. Be Humble-Remember we are all equal.
  9. Keep a Journal– It allows you to look back and self reflect
  10. . Say “I love you” – No matter who you are, everyone wants and need to feel loved.

Never under estimate the power in the little things. Apply them daily and you will see small life changes.

What little things are important to you?

Do little things even matter?

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