Do you have your Passport?

With a U.S. passport, your journey begins!

Not only does your passport serve as identification of your citizenship, your passport is your ticket to see the world. A US Passport is one of the most powerful documents in the world. To get your passport you must go here US State Department It’s a very user friendly website. The total cost is $145-see below. The best investment in yourself.

Image from State Department Website

If you live in another country like some of my viewers, google visa free countries for your country. For example, Visa free countries for Nigerian passport holders LIST HERE

With a US passport you can visit over 170 countries visa free. However, some countries require that you get a visa. A visa is a document that gives you permission to travel to a specific country for a set period. Visa requirements are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other countries state departments. Some country visa requirements are more extensive than others. However, it is not impossible if you really want to visit that country. You can also get a visa upon arrival, which is paying a small fee for a visa once you get to the country you wish to visit.

You can find the list of visa free countries from USA Today HERE

Don’t let what you see in the media or read in the newspaper, discourage you from wanting to see the world. The media only portrays what they want you to know. Step out of your comfort zone. I suggest that you get your passport and travel the world.

Travel the world, see something new. I’m telling you traveling will leave you speechless, then it will turn into a beautiful story to tell.

What place would you go to if cost wasn’t a factor? For me, I would go to Seychelles, the most beautiful island in the world. Comment Below

12 thoughts on “Do you have your Passport?

  1. Yes I do have my passport. For almost 10 years now. I got it when I was invited to Barbados. Now the world is my Oyster! I plan to travel everywhere. The Seychelles would be amazing to visit. I’ve been pictures and wow! I want to travel to Osaka and Tokyo,Japan and Italy. Then Africa. I want to see the pyramids. Traveling the world is my ultimate goal in life!

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