Travel Thursday~Florida

A bad day in Florida is still better than a good day anywhere else.~Unknown

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Oh how I love the state of Florida. Florida is known as the Sunshine State, due to its sub tropical climate. Florida has a special place in my heart because, this was the first vacation I took my daughter on. We went to Disney World, yep she got her first set of Mickey Mouse ears at 7 months!

July 1996

Florida is the 4th most populated state in the US. With popular cities such as Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Ft. Lauderdale just to name a few. The state beaches draw thousands of tourists each year. With South Miami Beach being my favorite and Daytona Beach on my list of places to visit.

There are so many things to do In Florida. It’s the home of Disney world, Universal Studios, Sea World and so much more. I have been fortunate to visit the state several times.

Sea World

For anyone who have children, I highly recommend you take your kids to Disney World at least once. It’s a magical place and a lifetime memory they will never forget.

As my kid got older, we started to tour and visit other parts of Florida. As a grown adult, I still don’t believe anyone can out grow Disney World.

My daughter and I recently, visited Key West on a cruise and we absolutely loved it. Florida Keys are small islands and they are amazing. When we toured Key West we learned so much about the island and their love for Conch. Conch is just a large sea snail. Which is very popular in the keys.

Large Conch
Key West 2016

Then there is Little Havana in Miami. Little Havana is a neighborhood in Miami that celebrates Cuban culture. Lots of history here.

Cuban Cigars

Finally, South Beach is my all time favorite place to be in Florida.

In South beach everyone is sexy and glamorous no matter your age or size.

South Beach ocean front is considered historical due to its architecture. It’s called the Miami Art Deco District.

I love the diversity of the people. South Beach attracts people from all over the world. Everyone loves South Beach. The rich and famous, the old and the young.

The famous Gianni Versace Mansion

Collins Avenue is one of the most popular streets in Miami. You can find many hotels, trendy shops, and restaurants here.

For the die hard movie lovers, the famous Scarface seen in the stair case was on the Miami South Beach Ocean Front.

You can relax all day and you can party all night. I prefer to relax on the beach !!

I found the Kardashian’s Boutique Dash!

The hotel rooftop pool was fabulous !!
My friends and I poolside

The variety of restaurants and drinks are abundant and wonderful.

Nachos at Big Pink

This drink was $45 dollars at Sugar Factory, (courtesy of another tourist) it was so sweet and overpriced but it was the experience.

Finally, for me waking up in South Beach and having breakfast on the strip, is the best experience ever as grown adult living your best life. The morning views are fantastical !!

XoXo 💋


What’s your favorite thing to do in Florida?

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