5 Ways To Relax and Unwind on Sunday

Sunday is the beginning of a new week. It’s the last day of the weekend. You’ve worked hard all week. Your exhausted and drained. You had fun with the kids on Saturday with their extra curricular activities. Sunday is all about YOU!

Sunday is the perfect day to refuel your soul and to be grateful for each and everyone of your blessings~Unknown

Some people look at Sundays as the most challenging day of the week because you are preparing for Monday, another work week. Sunday’s is always the day that’s known to start anew.

If you change how you view Sunday’s and make the best of it you will see that Sunday is your best friend, not the dreaded last day of the weekend.

The top 5 ways to relax, unwind, and appreciate Sunday:

    Go to church or meditate. whenever you go to church it places your body, mind, and soul in the right mindset for the upcoming weeks challenges. You go to church to renew and refuel your spirit. Likewise, when you meditate you accomplish the same feeling. You quiet your mind so that your soul can speak and you can see things with clarity.
  • Prepare a Sunday feast, there’s nothing like Sunday dinner. The tradition of the Sunday dinners accomplish more than feeding us, it nurtures us and our family. Its bonding. Plus you will have lots of leftovers for the week ahead.
    Don’t do anything. My moms favorite saying use to be when you don’t know what to do, “DO NOTHING”. Sometimes you just don’t need to do anything but simply relax and enjoy your own home.
    Bing watch your favorite tv show, or just watch movies. Read a book or catch up on your favorite blogs. Sunday’s is your you time, find what you love to watch and read and just have on your most comfy pajamas and enjoy the day.
    Have Free Thoughts. Clear your mind. Sunday’s should be a day your mind is clear. Don’t think of any problems, challenges, or issues your are facing. Don’t stress or worry about anything. Choose Sunday to have a clear mind and free thoughts.

Happy Sunday

XoXo 💋


How do you relax and unwind? Comment Below

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