Weekend in Memphis ~Travel Thursdays

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Memphis is an interesting city. It’s located in the upper souther region of the US. If you love great music, good eats, and lots of history Memphis is for you. Memphis is the home of the Blues. There is something about Memphis that you can feel in your soul. It’s fun and exciting. The people of the city are very warm and welcoming and they want you to know the history and the significance of their city. I was fortunate to visit a friend in 2015. For me, I was more into the history due its importance it had during the civil rights movement.

Better to see something once, than to hear about it a thousand times-Asian Proverb

If you are going to Memphis for a weekend, I will suggest you visit the sites below:

Take a tour of Beal Street, it’s the most popular street in Memphis. It’s located in their downtown area. It has many bars and a variety of little shops. When I was there, I went to Wet Willies and to the Fed Ex stadium home of the Memphis Grizzlies. Great place for a photo op of course.

Eat the BBQ -I dined at The Rendezvous, where they had amazing food. At the time, I was eating beef, so the ribs and BBQ was amazing. Memphis is known for its great eats and the food did not disappoint.

Find Anything Elvis. I saw the Elvis Presley Heart Break Hotel- I never knew there was such a place. To my knowledge and research it’s no longer there, however I was fortunate to have seen it once. However, you can find all things Elvis at Graceland.

Visit Mud Island River Park. This park is beautiful it sits on the Mississippi River which is the second longest river in the US. This park has amazing views and scenery is beautiful. Many concerts happen here. It’s a very romantic place for a quick weekend getaway.

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Visit The National Civil Rights Museum. For me this was the highlight of my trip. Visiting the Lorraine Motel was life changing. This motel was the one of the places that allowed blacks to stay during The Civil Rights Era. This motel is where Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968. It has been 51 years and everything has been preserved to pay tribute to his legacy. When I was there, it was a surreal moment, as you can feel how everyone was in awe of seeing the place where Martin Luther King spent his last day. To visit such a historical place of the most respected civil rights leader who lead the movement for equal rights is unexplainable and a must see in your lifetime.

Room 306 is where MLK stayed.

There are so many other great places to visit in Memphis , I just shared what I was fortunate to experience. If you would visit Memphis, comment below. If you have visited, what place would you recommend? Comment Below



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