The Love of Pictures

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do. Unknown

I have always been a lover of pictures, because it catches a moment in time. A moment that you can never get back, however you will always have the picture in hand as a gentle reminder.

A picture will always remind you, of how you felt at the time. Growing up, my mother didn’t take a lot of pictures, so I don’t many with my mom and my brother. I have the memories of those precious moments in my head but not an actual tangible photo.

Because, I don’t have many photos of my childhood. I took so many pictures of my daughter when she was growing up. She never understood why; I took pictures of her every moment. I wanted her to have a reminder of her childhood that would last a lifetime.

For me, I just like to hold on to moments and a picture capture a moment forever. I have tons of photo albums just to look at and smile. Many archives, for my daughter, her children, and their children.

I took this picture of my daughter while she was taking a picture of me

I honestly never understood why people don’t like to take pictures.

Pictures remind you of how many pounds you have gained, and that what was I thinking in that outfit question!

I know people say live in the moment. Well, a photo captures that moment. The photo is something that you can look back on smile and laugh.

I hope you enjoy my moments here at The Lyfe of Shawn in pictures.

2 thoughts on “The Love of Pictures

  1. We have this is common. I literally take pictures of everything and I mean EVERYTHING, lol! My Mother didn’t like taking pictures either when we were growing up but I make her take them now. I too love to capture the moment, its important. Memories last forever if we’re lucky but so do pictures and we can leave them behind ❤🦋🌻

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