How to Start Sunday Mornings of Right

We all know that Sunday’s is the day for rest and relaxation. How you start your Sunday dictates your tone for the day and sets the tone for the entire week. There is no better way to start your morning than with a cup of jo and a great playlist.

Whatever genre of music you prefer or whatever music streaming service you use, search Sunday Mornings and I find these playlists to be really relaxing. However, if you have a preferred artist you can select that artist and listen to that station on your music platform. Now if you still have the classic vinyl records, tapes, and cd’s you can always listen to those as well.

My music platform of choice is Pandora, because it’s pretty simple to use. My favorite radio station for Sunday is The Isley Brothers radio. We are going to create a playlist that will make you feel good. My selections are usually love songs and old school music. So grab your coffee and get comfy.

My all time favorite for my playlist are:

  • “Sunshine”, The O’Jays
  • “Sara Smile“, Hall and Oates
  • “Groove with You”, The Isley Brothers
  • “Voyage to Atlantis”, The Isley Brothers
  • “If I Ever Fall in Love”, Shai
  • “I Miss You”, Teddy Pendergass
  • “Zoom”, Big Bub
  • “You Give Good Love”, Whitney Houston
  • “Ask of You”, Raphael Sadiq
  • “Wishing on a Star”, Royce Reed
  • “Unthinkable”, Alicia Keys
  • “I Can’t Stop Loving You”, Kem
  • “Love Hangover”, Diana Ross
  • “Rock Steady”, Aretha Franklin
  • “Rolling In The Deep”, Adele

What songs are on your playlist? Comment Below

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