It’s September~Happy New Month

Happy New Month! I can’t believe that it is September already. Only four more months remaining in 2019. Yikes! Where does the time go?

September is my favorite month. You would think, August would be my favorite month because it’s the month I was born. Only if my mother could have held me in for 5 more days. No, she couldn’t make it. But I appreciate the effort.

Happy New Month

September you are the doorway to the season that awaken my soul~Unknown

September is my favorite month because it’s the month of my best loved season Autumn. I love the season of autumn 🍂 because it’s all about change. I love the change of weather from the summer heat to the cool crisp air. I love to watch the leaves change colors and fall to the ground.

Autumn reminds me about life. Autumn is a perfect reminder that change is beautiful. Autumn reminds me that change should be embraced. Autumn reminds me that everything will be ok. Autumn is the only season that is very comforting to my soul.

January through March it’s so cold I can’t think. April it’s raining cats and dogs. During the month of May, my allergies are in overload. June through August, I am only thinking about ways to stay cool. So when I finally get to September, I embrace the crisp fresh air. I love walking in the park kicking leaves. I am ready to tackle those New Years resolutions.( Just Kidding)

September is all about new beginnings and embracing change. It’s never to late to set new goals and start anew. I wish you a blissful month.

How do you feel about the fall? Comment below

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