Why Do We Write?

Happy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying your day off here in the States. For me, I relaxed and wrote for the blog all weekend. I also got some very exciting news that I will share in the future.

Writing is very therapeutic to me. It’s a great form of expression. I love sharing and expressing myself through words and pictures. When I write I feel liberated. I feel very powerful. Most importantly I am at peace disturbing the peace.

James Baldwin, a very popular African American writer, playwright, and civil right activist states:

One writes out of one thing only, one’s own experience.

I agree with Mr. Baldwin 100%. For me, it’s the only way I can write. I can only write from my own history and experience. I only write from my point of view and how I see the world. I write where I am presently in my life, where I want to go in the future, and where I have been previously. I appreciate other creative expressions such as fiction short stories, poetry, and novels. However for me, non fiction is my forte.

I write from my heart and my soul~LaShawn Uchenna Ani

Life is all about experiences, challenges, creating memories, and living your best life. So why not share that with the world. Everyone has a testimony that is powerful and should be shared to bless someone else.

Another quote I found from James Baldwin:

A writer is a disturber of the peace. He has to be. He has to make you ask yourself, make you realize that you are always asking yourself, questions that you don’t know how to face.

James Baldwin is like my literary father. While he was a fictional writer. I appreciate a lot of his knowledge and wisdom. I also agree, as I write I am helping myself. I am disturbing the peace in a great way. Exposing that I suffered low self esteem while others viewed me as a person with high self esteem and always put together.

Exposure provides closure~LaShawn Uchenna Ani

You can see a person, but you don’t see a person soul. You don’t know what a person is passing through. When I write I ask myself all kinds of questions. Questions that I have never answered and don’t know the answers myself. Still struggling, as each day I am trying to do and be better person.

I hope when you read my blog that I disturb your peace causing you to awake your soul. I hope that you are inspired find peace. I hope that you are encouraged to live a life that you always want to have.

As always, thanks for reading. Peace and Blessings.

Photo Credit: Canva

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      1. I’m planning to leave social media for a week. So I might not be posting anything on my blog anytime soon. My children will be resuming school very soon and I need to focus on my family and take a break from social media. ❤️❤️ I wish you a fantastic holiday

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      2. I will miss your presence you are a true light but I understand. I don’t have little ones any more. My kid is 23 who has no time for me. So I have a lot of free time that’s why I write. Enjoy your family, your kids will be grown one day and you will have all the time in the world.


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