Happy 79th Birthday Grandma

The love between a grandmother and a grandchild is forever.

My Beautiful Grandmother

Today, 79 years ago the most beautiful, caring, loving and giving person was born. My Grandmother, AkA Flo Mae, AKA Foxxy Flo. She was my heartbeat. She truly loved me and always encouraged and supported me. She has always been there for me. I can not tell you a time she was not. I never lacked or needed anything when she was alive.

She was one of those Grandmas who was always there. I could call her for anything at anytime. I loved her so much. She’s a virgo like myself so she had a giving spirit. She remembered every birthday and every holiday. I loved my Grandma cooking, she could cook. Her potato salad was my favorite. Holidays at my grandmas were the best, that’s what I miss most.

My holidays have never been the same since my mom and grandma died.

I actually get my work ethic from her, we are a lot a like in so many ways. She worked very hard for everything that she had which afforded her to live the life like she wanted. She would love to travel and just have a good time. She was the life of the partly. She never depended on anyone for anything she was MS INDEPENDENT.

She did her own thing and I loved it.

I truly admired and adored my Grandmother .

I can’t believe, she’s has been gone twenty years already. For me it seems just like yesterday, I remember talking to her on the phone and she she said she was ok and the next minute she was gone.

I will never forget that day, life is so short and precious always tell people you love them. I was only 24 when my grandma died, I didn’t tell my grandma I love her the last time I spoke with her. I live with that regret.

My grandmother gave me plenty of advice I didn’t listen to. I was so young then. I was a know it all. I feel like I let her down in some ways. She had so many dreams and plans for me and I messed up. She wanted me to do what I wanted to do in life and not what I have to do to survive.

My Grandmother was precious, I didn’t value her or appreciate her like I should, I was so young. I just wish I could do all the things that she did for me. I just want to give her love the way she loved me, I just want to take care of her the way she took care of me.

Grandma. I listen now. I have grown up and I changed and I hope that you are proud.

I celebrate you today and everyday. I love you deep. You live in me everyday. If I could be half the woman you are, I would be honored .

Photo Credit: Google and Canva

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