Trust The Process

You are exactly where you are supposed to be!

We are all beautiful flowers. We were all planted with the expectation to grow. All flowers will grow. However, they grow at different rates, speeds, length, and vary in color and texture.

Just because one flower bloom faster than the other doesn’t mean you are not growing. And never allow anyone to make you feel inferior because they think you are not blooming.

You should not be judged and you should not judge anyone else because they are not growing at the speed you think. I remember the feeling of people judging me because I wasn’t where they thought I should be. Not a good feeling.

You are growing each and everyday and you are right where you need to be. You may not see your own growth today or tomorrow but in due time you will understand your own growth process. And that’s all that matters.

I look back at myself and I am amazed at my growth. However, I know I am a constant work in progress.

Remember, just because someone else is at a different place in life, Know eventually you will get to exactly where you are supposed to be. Only when it’s your time.

Trust the process. Trust universal order and divine timing. As I look back on my life and so many situations. I simply can’t thank God enough for his protection.

When God says “NO” learn to accept it. It’s hard to accept “NO” when it’s something you think you want. However, always remember “Gods rejection is your protection.” God has a better plan for you and your life.

I thank God for every NO. (They were hard to accept then but now I embrace them with open arms.) I am trusting the process. I thank God for every revelation during the process.

So therefore, I am grateful for every job I didn’t get. I am grateful for every failed relationship. I am thankful for every friend I no longer communicate with. I am thankful for people showing me who they are.

Do you trust the process? What life “No” are you thankful for? Comment Below

Photo Credits: Canva

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