What Motivates Me To Blog

This weekend I took time to review and reevaluate a lot of things. It’s essential to have a day just to let your mind think and refocus. Honestly, you would be surprised what comes to mind and it would be crystal clear.

It’s always impossible until it’s done.


I mainly focused on my blog. I realized that I have fallen in love with my blog. My blog is a representation of who I am. Working on my blog is working on myself. And because of that, I try to perfect everything. So each day I am always revising or editing something.

We know why I write, if you haven’t read the article read it HERE. As I previously discussed, I jumped into blogging because I like to write and I am open with my thoughts.

I never realized that blogging itself, is an entire business, not just a hobby. I took my time and researched, so I can be educated about what I am doing each and everyday . I learned a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Really Simple Syndication (RSS), the importance of word count on your blog, how to increase followers and views, and of course how to monetize my blog.

I would personally like to thank EJ at The Crafty Afro. Please check her blog out and follow her . Her blog has helped me tremendously with learning about ways to improve my blog. Her blog has lots of free information such as templates and work sheets to make blogging easier. As well as other informative posts about ways to improve your blog.

So after doing all of my research, I had to think about what is motivating me to continue to blog other than the fact I love to write. I thought deeply. Below are the 3 reasons I am motivated to blog:

  1. Life~ Life motivates me to blog because it happens everyday to everyone who is living. I have always been a firm believer that life is meant to be shared. Everyone has a different life story and experience that we can learn from. As sometimes there is always that one person, who wants to feel like there is someone they can relate to. Life experiences and challenges should never be hidden, as you never know who you are helping.

2. INSPIRE and ENCOURAGE~ I am inspired by people everyday to do and be a better human being. So, therefore I am motivated to inspire and encourage someone who may have gone through similar life experiences. I believe we all just need a little extra push to be encouraged and do something that we always wanted to do.

3. CREATING and BUILDING a BRAND~ I am motivated to building a brand. Creating and building a brand is investing in yourself. I have once said “ I am not an entrepreneur”, there is always power in the tongue, and by me saying that I believed that. So I was self sabotaging my own life with my own words. Now I have a special man in my life who encourages and supports me with entrepreneurship. Building my brand is huge to me. I have so many ideas and directions that I want to go with my blog.

While I know there are millions of blogs, there is only one blog called The Lyfe of Shawn, and only one curator named Shawn. I am creative woman, who has a desire to achieve. My desire is not to compete with other bloggers. I have always been and continue to support other bloggers. I look forward to many collaborations in the future. (Please use the contact me form)

I have learned so much from my fellow bloggers. I love all of the unique blogging styles. I thank everyone for their support on this journey as a new blogger. I ask my fellow community what motivates you to blog?

Photo Credits: CANVA

10 thoughts on “What Motivates Me To Blog

  1. I love your drive and determination, Shawn! I pretty much share the same reasons you have for blogging and I will add that I’ve always been quiet with my thoughts and feelings when I was younger. Because I never felt heard, I looked for outlets that would allow me to express myself in a positive way. So music and writing became those outlets for me. When I discovered blogging, that was just the perfect thing in my eyes. I get to connect with people, learn from others and help them by sharing my experiences. I wish your blog all the success and keep that spirit! It will definitely take you far! ☺️

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  2. Hi Shawn! Your blog looks awesome! Let’s see…I blog because it serves as a creative outlet, allows me to share my faith, and I get to help people. 😊 Also, thank you for the shout out 😁

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