It’s Chantel Allen Day- Happy Birthday To My Dear Friend

I told you, I wish I was born in the month of September as all the great people are born this month. Today’s blog is dedicated to my dear friend Chantel.

True friends are like diamonds, bright, beautiful, valuable, precious, rare and hard to find.

Chantel is Diamond. She is one of those people that is a very rare find. She is a friend that I rarely see, but she is always there when I need someone to talk to.  It’s ironic that I met her through someone, I am no longer friends with. As I believe God put people in your life for a reason, season and a lifetime. She is a lifetime kind of person. She is very kind, compassionate, understanding, nonjudgmental, encouraging, and supportive.

She always remembers birthdays, send cards, and little gifts in the mail. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  She really has helped me over the years when I was in dark places. She doesn’t have a selfish bone in her body.  I can go on and on about how great of a person she is. We have a genuine friendship, that I cherish and respect. Not to mention, I can confide into her about anything and I will never hear it again.

Our friendship is so genuine that we don’t even have any pictures or anything together, its not a social media fiasco, it’s a genuine friendship. Many people probably don’t even know we are friends. Its one of the most authentic relationships that I have and cherish.

Sometimes people think your friends are people, that you see and hangout with all the time. That is not true. Some of my closest friends are people I see 2 to 3 times a year. And I speak with them on the phone a few times out of the month. It’s not unusual as you get older, you have your life and your friends have theirs so, it is an understanding and balance with your friends. So, when we do get to hangout, we cherish those unforgettable moments.

Good Friends are like stars you can’t always see them, but you know they are there.

I am truly grateful for your friendship. I wish you a lifetime of happiness. May God Bless you today and for the rest of your life .

Word can’t express my gratitude of your friendship. I love you and most importantly thank you for being a friend.

Please send her lots of prayers and blessings and cherish those once in a lifetime friend that you may have.

If I ever win the lottery, she will never have to work again a day in her life.

4 thoughts

  1. Please tell Chantel, Happy Birthday!! It took me a long time to call someone a friend, some things that happened in my younger years. But I can honestly say i have a couple of girlfriends that I know have my back, we talk maybe 3x yearly but if i need them or if they need me; we’re there for each other. I’m glad you have someone like that as well. I actually have a post scheduled next month about my friend!! She doesn’t like to take pictures either but I roped her into it🥰🥰🤗🤗

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    1. I will give her the message. We are so much alike. Some people do disappoint and I have lost many. I am glad for the remaining friends I have. I love taking pictures to, I take pictures of everything but some people don’t. thanks for commenting. 🥰 can’t wait to read the post about your friend

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