My First and Last Hostel Experience~Travel Thursday

Hostels provide lower price accommodations in a shared environment where you can stay over night in a dormitory style setting.  They provide common areas such as a bathroom, use of a kitchen, and may offer free continental breakfast.  A hostel is a very inexpensive place to lodge. It has grown in popularity in the US, due to the cost and convenience.

You hear so many things about hostels, some people love them and then there are people like me who believe in always trying something once and will never do it again.  Hostels are a very inexpensive option if you love to travel like myself. Always remember that you get what you pay for. The first thing I do when I travel is search for decent hotel accommodations.  It is an absolute must that is I stay in a decent environment.

So, listening to one of my closest friends and travel buddies, during one of our vacations where we went on a cruise and we ported from Miami. She had the bright idea of staying in hostel, when we returned from our cruise because our flight didn’t leave until they next day. So, I agreed, it was only for one night and would curtail some expenses. We decided to give a hostel a stay because it was only one night and let’s just say it was one of the longest most uncomfortable 24 hours of my life.

Warning: If you are not a millennial, I would not suggest staying at hostel. Anyone over the age of 30, a hostel is not for you just my opinion, but you are free to do what you want. Only if your family book the entire dorm, but I still wouldn’t do it. I would rather pay more to be comfortable and not sleep with one eye open and one eye close.

Imagine sharing a room with six other people, you never met or don’t know. Honestly, I felt like I was living and sleeping with strangers for 24 hours. NEVER AGAIN!

Considering we thought we was booking a 5-star Hostel. We thought it wouldn’t be that bad. Well it was that bad. We honestly laugh about it all the time, and she suggested I write the blog post because it would be funny.

Just to give you an idea of the demographic situation in our room.  We stayed at the Loft Hostel on Collins in Miami. It was an eight-bed dormitory style room with a bathroom that was disgusting, a kitchen and common area that had dry cereal for breakfast that I hated.

Just to give you the layout and the demographics of our room. Our room was on the 3rd floor so we had to walk up 3 flights of steps with lots of luggage, I couldn’t even make it up the steps, the guy who checked us in had to help. No elevator, that was issue #1. As soon as you walked in you see rows of bunk beds and We was like WTF, as if we didn’t see the pictures on line. The common area kitchen was to left then you walk pass about 4 sets of bunk-beds the bathroom was to the left.  Then you continue to the back of the room, our set of bunk beds was to the left. There was no linen, wash clothes, I must have skipped over that in the fine print. I didn’t want to use it anyway. I used my luggage as a pillow that night!

Just to give you the demographics of the people who stayed in our room, it was 2 African American women over the age of 40 (us), 1 African American male who was in his late 20’s who love to hostel and was going out to a party he was there just resting. There was 1 Caucasian woman, I didn’t see but my friend said she saw her. Then when I woke up the next day, I saw 2 young Caucasian men who looked like they were 18 on their first get away from their parents.

We looked at the room before check in. My first thought this place look like a jail. We started to panic possibly looking for other accommodations, but we said its only for 24 hours. Couldn’t be that bad. Wrong. It was Bad Like I said the longest 24 hours ever. Check out was at 11 am, I was up at the crack of dawn at 6 am sitting at a restaurant on Collins just waiting to leave!

I did get some sleep, my friend has a video of me snoring, only because of I was so tired and exhausted from my travel. The entire dorm room heard me, and I remember my friend put a light to my face telling me to quit snoring and that’s when I saw the 1 African American guy laughing.

I really slept in a room full of strangers. I can’t believe it. It was an experience, that I would never do again. I don’t care if I was given free accommodations for life to a hostel, I would not use it. But would I recommend it for the young free at heart, why not.  If hostel was around when I was young and traveling I would, However, as a grown adult definitely NOT. I give the hostel a thumbs down for the entire experience.

Have you ever stayed at hostel? If so, what was your experience?

Photo: Google Image via

I am a lover of pictures so my friend asked “If I wanted pics to document my experience, I said “No”. All of the pictures are from Google Image via The photos did the place justice, it was very misleading.

14 thoughts on “My First and Last Hostel Experience~Travel Thursday

  1. I’ve only ever stayed at hostels abroad in Japan which I think are a bit cleaner overall, but you’re right about the age. Once I hit 30 I became MUCH more picky about what kind of hostel/room to stay in..

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  2. Oddly, staying in a hostel hasn’t made my bucket list, and I doubt anyone else’s. I’m fine with lowbrow accommodations for budget and convenience. I suppose it’s a reasonable way to meet new people while travelling. I just dread the thought of sleeping openly amongst strangers.

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