The Destination Was More Important Than The Journey

Hey everybody, I’m back !! I miss my fellow bloggers and subscribers. My vacation is over and I’m back to reality. I told you guys I had a lot to talk about when I got back. Well I was technically on vacation but I was planning a wedding abroad for the last few months, so I have been exhausted. Between working, blogging, and planning a wedding.

I need a vacation from the vacation.

In life we always have to trust the process and God’s timing for everything in life. What’s meant to be will be. It’s always important to remain positive at all times and never give up!

Always live your life fearlessly and unapologetically.

Over the next few months I will be doing a series on how Uchenna and I met, how we fell in love, how we make our marriage work. I will also have a Q & A session for any questions you may have.

I will also be discussing my love for Africa and my husbands country Nigeria. The country treated and welcomed me with open arms. There was so much love there. I have always been a minority in my country, so to have the experience of being a majority was amazing. The people are beautiful, educated, and very hardworking. I will be going back soon and I would like to take anyone with me who would like to visit and have such an amazing experience.

Going to Africa has been a life changing experience for me. It’s an experience all people should have regardless of ethnicity or race. You will learn a lot and you will be forever changed.

Let me just say something about my husband, he has never complained about anything when he easily could have. For me, I would complain every day. He would listen and just simply be patient and understand my concern. After my visit, I promise you I want complain about anything in this life ever again.

Africa was a life changing experience and I loved it!

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