The Do’s and Don’ts of Online Dating

Online dating isn’t a stigma anymore. It has become the way of life.

Dating can be a tedious task for those who are single looking for the right one to build a meaningful relationship with. Dating takes time, energy, and you must have an open mind. The right one is not going to pop up on the first date. Trust me I know, it has taken me years to meet the right one that I am compatible with.


Be grateful for today’s technology and the use of the internet to meet new people. Because of the internet, the world has become a smaller place. The internet provides a way to meet people you would not ordinarily meet. With dating online you have more control over who you meet. You are able to meet people with similar interest and filter individuals that are compatible with your lifestyle.


Online dating is taboo to some and the norm for others. I have no problem with online dating, that’s where I met my husband. With dating online it’s important to know the basic rules. I call it the do’s and dont’s of online dating.


Below are some basic rules to make your online dating experience a piece of cake.


  • Always trust your instincts, use common sense, and trust your judgment. If it doesn’t feel right it’s probably not. However, if it feels right, GO FOR IT!
  • Have an up to date profile with a current demographics and information. Make sure you are specific with what you are looking for. If you are looking for a serious relationship state that. If you are looking for marriage state that. It’s always important to be honest as that’s how you are matched with potential partners.
  • Have a current and updated photo. It’s nothing like an outdated photo and you are twenty pounds heavier. It’s important to have more than one photo. A head shot and a full body photo. We all love filters, but avoid them so your potential suitor can appreciate your true beauty.
  • Verify the identity of the person you are communicating with. Once you make a connection online, immediately request to FaceTime to verify they are who they say they are.
  • Meet in a public place on your first date. Ask them what kind of car they are driving and what they will be wearing. Get the exact location and time of where your first meeting will be.
  • Have a confidant and contact person. Always tell someone when you decide to meet your online acquaintance. Once you have the details text the information to your contact person.
  • Do your research. There are many background search tools you can verify if a person is who they say they are. Use Google, look them up using the sex offender registry, and you can also find information by searching their phone number.
  • Be open minded and have fun. Dating should be enjoyable, not a dreaded process.


  • Don’t tell any private information to someone you just met online. Don’t even give out your last name. Identify theft is real. People can do anything with personal information.
  • Don’t talk to someone online for months without asking to see them via FaceTime. That’s CATFISH waiting to happen.
  • Don’t send indecent photos before meeting.
  • Don’t talk SEX before you meet the person.
  • Don’t have any expectations. Take your time to get to know the person and have fun.
  • Don’t drink alcohol on your first date. You want to be alert and aware.
  • Don’t give any money. If the person ask you for money that’s a big red flag. On to the next person.
  • Don’t fall for sob stories. Many scammers use this as a tactic for sympathy. They play on emotions. We all have problems. If your online acquaintance, start telling you these things. Run for the hills.
  • Don’t give up if the first person you go on a date with isn’t what you expected.

Online dating isn’t for everyone, but it’s a place where some people have met their spouse. If you decide to try online dating I hope you use the do’s and don’ts. Don’t be discouraged if your first date isn’t what you expected. Just have fun, as with everything life is what you make it.

Life is to short to be lonely, I endorse and encourage online dating.

Images: Canva