5 Things That Changed My Life

Anyone who know me, know that I love and absolutely adore Oprah. She recently discussed in People magazine, the 5 things that changed her life, which inspired me to write this post.

Life can be very challenging to everyone, no one is exempt from storms. Life is full of ups and downs, highs and lows. God brings people in your life at the right time and he removes them at the right time. Often difficult for me to understand, however you have to trust the process.

Always remember,”God’s rejection is your protection.”

1. The first thing that changed my life was when I went college. I was suppose to go to Norfolk State University, but I ended up going to Virginia Commonwealth University because my mother was terminally ill and I didn’t want to deprive myself of the college experience. Very confusing time in my life. So going to VCU provided me comfort and no regrets that I was still able to attend college and take care of my mother. Attending college was life changing for me, because I choose to go to a PWI institution . I grew up in all black neighborhood and went to all black schools my entire life, so it was really life changing as I begin to see the diversity of life. Before college, there was never any interaction with any other race other than my teachers and doctors. So learning how to interact, was life changing. In college, I also realized that I was not rich and well off as I thought. Growing up, my mother always provided me with everything I needed and wanted. So I never felt poor. I was rich with so much love that I never realized that we was not financially well off, we were just surviving.

Young Shawn Growing Up

2. I suffered a lot of loss at an early age and it would change how I lived forever. I lost my mother at 20 years old, my grandmother at 24 years old, and my great grandmother at 25 years old. I lost the most important part of my life, the ladies who showed me love. I never needed or wanted for anything. I always was safe and secure. I was never judged. I always admired their independence and strength. I was always honored and blessed to be a part of 3 living generations. With their passing, I suffered major depression, as I did not know how to survive even though they showed me the way. At this point in my life, I just needed the physical presence and guidance, as I have grown and matured I only desire to be half of the woman they were. With the passing of my life blue print, I have learned to be independent but my heart can be cold and unforgiving because I still hurt.

Great Grandmother, Grandmother, Mother

3. Giving birth to my daughter changed my life forever. Being a mother is the hardest job to date and doesn’t come with a manual. I just knew that I was blessed with a beautiful daughter that I loved from conception. I gave her as much love as my mother and grandmother gave me. Often I gave to much love, that she considers it control. It’s not control, I just want the best for my daughter. As you just want to protect, provide, guide, and make sure your child is doing the right thing. However, as they grow you have to relinquish control and trust that they apply your teachings. She’s has always been my sunshine. She always brighten up my day, even when we don’t agree. She graduates from North a Carolina Central University in December and I am super proud of that. My daughter is my greatest blessing.

My Daughter and I

4. My brother going to Federal Prison for 10 years. That was one of the toughest and unnecessary things that I dealt with. I loved my brother and I knew that it’s the country we live in. While my brother was in prison, I felt like I was. It was a long 10 years, but I stuck by his side doing all that could with what I had. It just made me look at the judicial system a little different. The laws that they had in place, as my brother was one of those affected by the 94 crime bill , that incarcerated so many. Some people deserve to be in jail, however our judicial system is flawed in America. He’s home now and I’m overjoyed. My brother is one of my closest allies and my best friend. Sibling relationships are the most unique, I’m grateful for my brother.

My Brother and I

5. Meeting and marrying my husband. My husband is another blessing. He is my better half and has helped me to understand life. He cane into my life at the right time. My husband never complains and that what I love about him most. Considering he easily can. However, when we met I would constantly complain. I will give you two pieces of advise that he gave me that changed my outlook on life. I was not feeling appreciated or loved, and felt as if I was under valued. I basically was feeling like I wasn’t getting the credit I deserve. He told me baby, “Baby God love praises, want to be thanked and appreciated but people don’t do it, why do you think people should praise and thank you all the time.” He was so so right about that. The next thing he told me that changed my life forever was “Baby, there is a solution for everything in life, but death.” When he told me that it reminded that there is nothing to worry about in this life.

My Husband and I

I hoped you enjoyed reading as much as I did sharing. What things changed your life? Comment Below.

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  1. thanks for sharing such important moments in your life. I agree that having a child is a wonderful, life-changing moment. Congrats to your daughter on her upcoming graduation, and sorry to hear about your brother’s situation, I hope he is doing well.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this list with us Shawn. We have to appreciate God for the thing we have and don’t have. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. But thank God he’s free now. Just keep being grateful. God is good! I wanted to comment on your new post, but I couldn’t.

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