“If I Were A Turkey” Written by Jaela Moore

Happy Sunday Everyone. I hope you are having great day. Today I wanted to share something that I thought would make you smile and laugh as we enter the Thanksgiving Holiday. Anyone who knows me know that I love Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and being thankful.

There is always something to be grateful for on Thanksgiving. Even if it’s just not being the turkey.

I love spending Thanksgiving with my daughter as I thank God for her everyday. My daughter is my one of my greatest blessing! So I wanted to share with you a story she wrote when she was in second grade. The story is called, “If I Were A Turkey” (all rights reserved) I still have the original copy she wrote when she was in second grade.

This story has always made me smile and laugh so hard. I think you will do the same. So be prepared to laugh your heart out. (I typed the story as she written it so it’s not typos it’s from a second grader)

Original story written by my daughter Jaela

If I Were A Turkey 🦃

If I was a turkey 🦃 I would not want to be eaten. Because I would mis my mommy. If my mommy was a turkey 🦃 she would get eaten too. I would run away. And then we talked to the people at dinner. If you swoll you will turn a mouse. So don’t eat me and my mommy ok. Now you can take me and my mommy home and then we can turn back into people again. We can be like people and we can eat turkey 🦃. We can is his how good a turkey 🦃 taste. Now you can go to the store and don’t get a turkey 🦃 because they are my brothers and sisters. Talk to your friends about getting a turkey 🦃 ok. We might come to your house if you don’t try to eat me and my mommy. Might come to your house.

Written by Jaela Moore
2nd Grade

I love the story so much because she was being so thoughtful about everyone. She was thinking of her mom. She was also thinking about the turkeys because she has always loved animals and didn’t want them to be eaten.

As you head into this holiday season remember, what would you do , If you were a turkey 🦃 ?

Can you spot the author of this lovely article?

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