Day 1- What Are You Grateful for?

Gratitude changes everything.

Having gratitude changes everything about life. What I am most grateful for is LIFE. I have no complaints about life or the things I have passed through. It has made me the woman I am today. I am blessed. I am healthy, I work everyday, I have a beautiful daughter, I am married, I have traveled the world, and I have a home.

I have never forgotten the conversation I had with a close friend. I use to complain and cry about all of my life problems like it was the end of the world and no one was going through what I was going through. She told me, “ Shawn there is somebody who wants your life.” Those words always resonate with me. I have never forgotten them and I live by them daily, especially when the road gets rough. Most importantly, I am grateful for them.

24 years ago today my mom died of a terminal illness. I was just 20 years young. Loosing my mother at such a young age, would change how I live my life forever. Because my mother died at such a young age, it was always important for me to live a full life and to always think the world was big. I couldn’t imagine loosing my mother and remaining in such a small world without her. So I was always searching for her presence on earth. (strange but true)

I am very fortunate to be able to travel the world and see places, people dream of. I know my mom is very happy and proud of me and I am grateful beyond measure.

When my mother passed away, I found courage to speak up for myself, I found independence, and I became resilient.

I never take a day or anyone for granted. I treat people how they treat me. Often when you treat people how they treat you , they don’t like it and you are the problem. However, I value everyone who is present in my life today. I over value the people who are no longer in my life because I am better person because of your absence.

I always tell my family and friends I love and appreciate them, because you never know when you will not speak to someone again. Life has a funny way of doing things. It’s always important to give people flowers while they are alive. We can’t do anything with them once we are gone.

Most importantly, it’s always important to be grateful for life and everyone God has placed in your life. It doesn’t take much effort to say thank you with a genuine heart. Remember nobody owes you nothing. So always be grateful for the little and big things life has to offer.

Until Day 2 of the Gratitude Challenge what are you grateful for?

4 thoughts on “Day 1- What Are You Grateful for?

  1. When I complain about what I’m going through, I just remember how blessed I am to be surrounded with good people. Even though they are few. We need to be grateful for what we have because as your close friend said to you… There are people who want your life. Be thankful 🙏🏾. Beautiful post

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