Day 3-What childhood memory are you most grateful for?

Growing up, I felt like I had the best childhood, the best mother, and the best family . It wasn’t because I lived in the best neighborhood or my mother had a lot of money. I was raised by a single mother who from the day I was born always told me I was a star. She use to say “ A star was born 8/26.”

Gratitude turns what we have into enough.


Being that, I was always told I was a superstar, one of my most grateful child hood memories was playing the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz in my elementary school play. I was honestly happy that I could wear the shiny suit and be on stage.

I shall take the heart.

For brains do not make one happy,

And happiness is the best thing in the world.

Tin Man

As I got older, and I would watch the classic movie,”The Wizard of Oz” I understood why I was chosen to be the tin man. The tin man wanted a heart.

Just like the tin man, in life we will need the oil can when when we hit the rough patches in life. Most importantly, always remember to have a heart. That’s most important thing in life.