Barnabas Encouragement Award

Hello Everyone. I hoped you all had an amazing Thanksgiving. I wanted to share that I was recently nominated for my first Barnabas Award. I am super excited, grateful, and humble. Because if I only inspired and encouraged one person, then I achieved my goal. I feel like a winner !

The Barnabas Award is presented to bloggers who encourage and inspire the community.

Here is how the award works:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you, and share their blog.
  • Nominate five bloggers that encourage and inspire you.
  • List five things about yourself.
  • Ask your nominees five questions. Why five? Because it is the number that signifies grace.

My blog was acknowledged by one of my favorite bloggers Bukola Orry. Thank you. She is a Nigerian/Italian life style blogger that I adore. She is very inspirational and encouraging. You can read her blog here. I promise she will not disappoint.

Bukola’s 5 questions to me:

1.Who in your life is your biggest encourager? My husband is my biggest encourager and supporter. He’s my best friend. My #1 fan.

2. How do you see yourself as being an encouragement to others? I see myself as an encourager to others, because I believe in the gift of testimony. I believe it’s important to share your story, you never know who you will encourage and bless.

3. When was the last time someone gave you words of encouragement? My aunt Felicia gave me some words of encouragement, I was feeling really down about some personal family issues and she told me to never give up. Everything with always work out.

4. When you are down, what encourages you to get back up and keep pressing on? Myself, I give myself a time limit to be down. Once the time is up I get up and keep pressing on.

5. Who was your greatest encourager when you first accepted Christ? When I first accepted Christ I was a member of the St. Paul’s Baptist Church, my pastor and his words kept me encouraged. I’m forever grateful.

5 Things About Me:

  1. My favorite scripture in the Bible comes from the book of Proverbs Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths” (Proverbs 3: 5-6).
  2. I never asked God for revelation until recently because I was scared of what would be revealed. Now I see and understand a lot of things like I never did before.
  3. I love coffee, I can drink it all day!
  4. I love to travel, see the world, explore, meet new people, and learn new cultures.
  5. I believe everyone should live their best life . Do what you want to do. You should have live an oh well life, verses a what if life.

Drum Roll!!!!

My 5 Nominees all have inspired me in a great way, (if you would like to participate please do, it’s no pressure , as I know we are all busy.)




Margaret and Neal

Shelly Ann

My 5 questions to my nominees

  1. How do you encourage yourself and others?
  2. Do you think you’ll be blogging one year now?
  3. What’s your favorite bible verse?
  4. What’s your plans for your next vacation?
  5. Who encourages you when you are feeling down and out?

I hope you have enjoyed. I encourage others to take part in this award and pose the same five questions to anyone who wants to join in.

Peace & Blessings!

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