2019 Person of the Year

Mr. Uchenna Ani, is the most selfless, loving, thoughtful, and kind person I know and have ever met in my lifetime. He is well spoken, calm, and a reserved man of African decent from Igbo tribe. Born in Enugu, Nigeria to Mr. and Mrs. Ani. His name Uchenna means “Gods Will”. He is the eldest of 6 siblings.

Anyone who meets him loves him. He is a devout Christian who attends church regularly. His love for God has guided his entire life to be the person he is today. His relationship with God is refreshing and inspiring to many.

Uchenna wears many hats. He is an amazing husband, he is an adored son, the leader of his siblings, and great friend to many. He is a hardworking, educated man who helps everyone he meets. He is also very wise and give the best advice.

He loves and values his family more than anything.

Uchenna is my husband and he is the sweetest most thoughtful person you will ever encounter. Not only do I admire his relationship with God, but I am also amazed at his selfless heart. He always put others before his self. Without looking for anything in return.

I pray that God continues to favor him, for his selfless heart.

Uchenna is my party and my church. My day and my night. My sun and my moon. My comedian and my psychologist. He’s my human diary. My lifetime partner. Most importantly he’s a gift from the Lord above.

I thank God for my husband loving me the way that he does. He loves me unconditionally. He loves what I don’t love about myself. If I say I’m fat. He says I’m beautiful. If I could tell you the number of times he say that I am the most beautiful woman in the world I would be rich.

I look forward to spending the rest of my life with him and that will not be enough. When we discuss the next life time; he always tell me in the next life, I will still be his wife.

I can talk about him forever, and go on and on. But I will not. I am just dedicating this blog today to my husband Uchenna. I love you always. May God continue to bless and favor you. You are the best husband any woman can ask for.

Uchenna you are The Lyfe of Shawn 2019 Person of the Year.

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