Self Care Sunday-Take Care of Yourself

Take Care of Yourself

In life there will always be times,
when it's difficult to remember
who and what you are.
These are the times
when you need to give yourself
TLC (tender loving care)!


Even when no one understands you.
It's important to understand who you are.
Understanding yourself is 

Be Kind

to yourself. 
Kindness will nurture your heart.
Kindness make you feel good. 
Kindness keep hopes 
and dreams alive.


is a deep admiration
for someone or something. 
Always respect yourself,
admire yourself, and take care 
of yourself!


Focus on what's important. 
Remember what you truly want
out of this life and FIGHT for it
as you would your life.


Don't take for granted
the qualities that make you unique.
Your are one of a kind.


on yourself. 
It's ok to focus on yourself. 
Sometimes being selfish is the only way to
take care of yourself!


yourself more love, more respect
more understanding.  
Take care yourself!

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