Social Media Fast

During the month of February, I have decided to do a social media fast for mental clarity and cleansing.

You are the post you read, You are what you post, You are the videos you watch, you are the podcast you listen to. Choose wisely what you feed your mind.

LaShawn Uchenna Ani

Social media can be a gift and a curse; Depending on how you view and use the platform. It’s not all good and it’s not all bad. It’s what you make it. However, it can be very time consuming if you allow it.

Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends who you may have not seen in a while or who live in another country or state. It’s a great form of entertainment. You can keep up with all your favorite celebrities as they often remind you, they are real people to. For those who have their own business, social media is a great way to market and sell merchandise. Social media is also now a place where politicians are using it as a part of their campaign strategy.

However, it becomes a problem when it starts to take over your life. If you are constantly logging in to make a post or watching what other people are doing. Its time for a SOCIAL MEDIA FAST!

Social media market and present images of what people want you to believe. Providing a false narrative of what life is like. No one or nothing is perfect. However, social media can make you believe someone life is perfect. Keep in mind a post only takes a sec, it’s not someone’s complete life. The filters and editing apps give everyone the picture-perfect picture and life.

Don’t get confused!

Social media has created jealous behavior over illusions. Sadly some are envious of things, relationships, and lifestyles that don’t even exist.


When Facebook first started, I was a vivid facebooker then my privacy was violated, and I never liked Facebook again. Also, as I grew and matured, I started to share what I wanted to share, not everything I was doing. As often, people make false judgement and give unwarranted opinions

Knowing that I am authentic, and others were not, that’s when I changed my social media habits.

While I love Instagram because I love to take pictures and I love to look at images, art, and photographs. I have decided to do get rid of Instagram because of its time-consuming. As when you go to one page, it takes you to another page, and you are up all night watching photographs and reading captions.

I have Snapchat for the filters because they are cute and fun, however, I will be deactivating Snapchat permanently. There is no need.

When I started the blog, I created a twitter, but I honestly have no idea how it works, so I will be deleting that permanently as well. There is no need.

My goal for the entire month of February is to be social media free (no posting or reading entertainment blogs) as it doesn’t bring value to my life.

During my fast I hope to:

  • watch more documentaries,
  • find a new hobby that doesn’t require spending money,
  • blog more frequently,
  • travel more,
  • visit more museums,
  • and focus on things that bring me joy.

I want to focus on being in the present not to be in the present of someone else’s. My goal is to achieve mental clarity and focus on me!

12 thoughts on “Social Media Fast

  1. I’ve never really been a fan of social media. Especially after I witnessed all the homes and relationships that have been destroyed because of it. I have facebook because I run our church’s fb page and I barely use my Instagram account for the reasons you mentioned. It’s very freeing not to be bothered with social media. You have so much more free time. Enjoy your fast. It will be well worth it.

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  2. Exactly, well sad. Social media can be both blessing and a curse and I know we control what we do but it is like falling down the rabbit’s hole sometimes. I don’t do face book, I just don’t like it. I started IG last year to promote my blog but I had to slow down on that too, it can be consuming, so I take breaks here and there as well as my WordPress sometimes. Pinterest is a hit or miss, I look then am off. I’ve found that my real time life needs more attention. Great post beautiful lady

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