My Favorite You Tube Channels

I can’t deny the fact that I am addicted to watching YouTube. I rarely watch tv, only for the local news and to watch my favorite TV show Survivor. YouTube offers so many options geared toward your personal interests and is convenient to watch, especially with smart tv and how you can easily connect it with your smart phone.

Here are my top 5 You Tube channels that I am subscribed to and I can’t go a day without. I encourage you to subscribe. You will learn so much and you will be truly inspired by real life people.

  • Drew Binsky– Omg- I cannot get enough of this you tube channel. He is 28 years old, from Phoenix , Arizona, studied abroad in Prague. Where he caught his wanderlust bug. He has visited every country in the world. He takes you on his journey to each country where you learn interesting facts about each country, the people of the nation, and the culture. Drew encourages you to travel and explore and he gives you ways you can travel on a budget. He is hoping to get his own travel show where I will tune in. I am so inspired by his travels and wish visit as many countries as he has.
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  • Search for Uhuru- I enjoy this channel so much as it’s very educational, informative, and eye opening. This channel makes you think outside the box. His love for Africa is pure and genuine. He gives you a different perspective on life, which is different from the normal American way of thinking. He’s a game changer. Dynast Amir is from California, he moved to Georgia for college, where he began working in corporate America, then he took his first trip to Tanzania and he fell in love with Africa. He was crowned Prince in Nigeria. He has been to at least 14 countries according to his website. He inspires me to travel and live abroad, think differently, knowing that Africa should always be Plan A. Check out his channel for yourself, you will find out more about his story and his passion, as it will not disappoint.
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  • Sharon She So Fabulous- Sharon is by far the most genuine and authentic spirits you will ever see on You Tube. Her show is in North Carolina which is only a state down from me. She is a natural on you tube. She is just herself and you just fall in love with her personality. She’s honest, funny, unapologetic, and most importantly real. She’s just liked an older sister I never had. I enjoy watching her lifestyle channel because she talks about real life issues, and always remind that you should never let anyone dictate your mood. And she have excellent home decor, which is my favorite. She is also a truck driver, where she takes you on the road with her.
Image courtesy of YouTube
  • Nigerian Wifestyle– I love watching this channel. This channel is about an American wife, mom, professional, Youtuber, and pod caster who is married to a Nigerian man. She talks about how she is trying to merge the two cultures which can be challenging at times. She is very honest open, and authentic. She gives great advice on how to make your marriage work. She also gives advice to those who are dating and or engaged to a Nigerian man. This show has helped me tremendously with learning more about my husband culture.
Image courtesy of You Tube
  • Bukola Orry-Not only is she one of my favorite bloggers, but one of my favorite You Tubers. She has a new channel that I enjoy watching. Bukola’s blog focus is on lifestyle and her daily life. You will see her favorite recipes, her daily life as a mom, and her life in Italy. My favorite video was her introduction video, she really made you feel warm and welcoming. I look forward to where she is going in the future, Italy is a bucket list item, courtesy of Bukola.
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There are so many more channels that I subscribe to and enjoy, but these are my weekly go to videos. I enjoy anything DIY, home décor, CNN, BBC, and any documentary I can find.

I hope you enjoy my list. What You Tube channels, do you recommend?

7 thoughts on “My Favorite You Tube Channels

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I actually write this before you started your channel. I enjoy watching you and your friend show it’s very warm, genuine, and authentic. I love the vision board idea that you put in the planner. Your channel is my favorite as well


  1. Wow I’m just seeing this. I’m flabbergasted😍. Thank you so much for your constant support. It’s been hard blogging and doing youtube at the same time. For now blogging is on the hold. Thanks again Shawn😘❤️

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