Ladies Night Out

Anyone who knows me, know that I am homebody. I love being at home in my favorite pajamas, laying on the couch watching You Tube, eating cookies and ice-cream. Well this weekend that all changed, one of my friends invited me out. I hadn’t been out in so long in an adult party atmosphere; I took up her up on the offer. She made sure I went by giving me a free ticket.

It was a much-needed ladies’ night out.

Thanks Lakeisha!

I hadn’t been out in so long that I had no idea what to wear. So, I found this dress in my closet that I purchased a few years ago, but never had a chance to wear it. The good thing is I could still fit it.

I love the dress, it was a strapless, wine velour dress, with a high split. I paired it with some leopard heels, and a leopard hand clutch. I am not big on lots of accessories, so I kept it simple to display my body art of tattoos and my wedding ring. I always wear my husband’s country bracelet on my arm, regardless of what I have on. So, it may not match, but it has meaning. It was cold here in VA, so I wore my jean jacket. You can never go wrong with adding denim to anything.

I enjoyed the atmosphere, the music, and just seeing people having an amazing time. I had one cocktail just to enjoy the night. As I am not a big drinker, I think that’s my secret to not aging. Lol.

While gisting with my friends, I saw a special guest. My cousin Kia. She is my favorite cousin, we had lost contact, but it was good to see her and reconnect. She always has a special place in my heart. I’m bringing her to Africa with me one day.

So, I guess it was meant for me to go out, and I think I will start going out more, as you never know who you can reconnect with. Not only that change is good, and its constant, and it’s necessary. It’s also imperative to have a great life balance. All work and no play is no fun.

Such an amazing night! Can’t wait to do it again!

Some of the pics had bad lighting, however still was an amazing night !

2 thoughts on “Ladies Night Out

  1. Hey sexy lady, love the dress and no, you can’t go wrong with adding a denim jacket🥰. I’m glad you enjoyed your night, you looked happy. Sorry about Carl, I wasn’t able to comment in that post but wanted to say you are so right, we have to live in the moments because you never know what tomorrow brings you. Take care beautiful.

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